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Caring For Leather

Leather lasts much longer than other upholstery and its good looks can not only be maintained but improve over time. Well-made leather furniture is an investment and a little care goes a long way in protecting it.

Most modern leather furniture has a protective coating of some sort. In the first few years of use, this should protect the leather in the early stages. At this point, keeping the leather clean is very important.

To clean accumulated dirt, use a slightly damp, soft cloth to wipe the surface. However before doing this for the first time, test in an inconspicuous spot to make sure the leather doesn't absorb it. Use only a dry cloth if the leather seems to absorb the water.

For spills, immediately use a dry cloth to blot and let it air-dry. It is important to blot instead of wiping, as you want to get all the moisture out instead of spreading it. Leather can absorb dyes easily, so avoid placing printed materials on it. The ink can transfer and leave stains.

Never use harsh soap, cleaning solvents, detergents, or ammonia to clean stains. Never soak the stain heavily with water. All these methods may actually be more damaging than the stain itself. For grease stains, blot excess with a clean dry cloth. The spot should gradually disappear into the leather after a short period of time. In case it persists, ask a professional leather specialist to clean the leather to avoid any potential damage to the leather itself.

Watch out for scratches. As leather can scratch easily, avoid using sharp objects in its proximity. Gently buff the surface with a chamois or clean fingers for minor scratches on the surface.

Over time cracks may develop as the leather becomes worn in and starts to dry out. At this stage, it is wise to start applying some form of moisturiser to avoid hardening and further splitting of the leather. At this point, our beeswax-enriched Leather Care will be of benefit.

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