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 A recent review of our woodworking and maintenance range for furniture and kitchen applications.


If... Please refer to...
Your furniture in good condition (and just needs a good feed). General Care and
Your furniture is in need of a little TLC but doesn't merit stripping back. Restoration
You have inherited or bought some furniture in need of stripping back. Dealing with Raw Timber
You have just finished making a lovely piece of furniture and want to enhance it by developing a natural finish using wax. Dealing with Raw Timber
You are not sure whether you should wax or oil your furniture. Why Wax? and 
Benefits of Oiling
Your furniture has intricately carved detail and is very dry. Maintenance
You have leather furniture that you want to look after. Caring for Leather


If... Please refer to...
You have an old house with timber floors that haven't been waxed for a long time. Floor Care and 
Why Wax?
You have stripped back your carpets/lino, sanded your timber floors and would like to give them a natural finish. Floor Care
Your new bamboo/laminated timber floors have surface scratches already, and you want to disguise this minor damage. Floor Care


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