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Find Gilly's products stocked in Bunnings Warehouse stores across Australia.  We are grouped with the other wood finishes within the Paint & Decorating section.

The below products are ranged in all Bunnings stores:

Product Bunnings I/N
Gilly's Alfresco Timber Oil 250ml 0171859
Gilly's Cabinet Makers Wax Clear 200ml
Gilly's Carnauba Polish Clear 200ml
Gilly's Chopping Board Oil Lemon 250ml 0171860
Gilly's Cream Polish Lemon 200ml 1856676
Gilly's Cream Polish Lavender 200ml 1856668
Gilly's Cream Polish Rose 200ml 1856684
Gilly's Floor Polish Dark 200ml 1851545
Gilly's Food Safe Wax 200ml 0149319
Gilly's Kitchen Bench Oil 250ml 0171858
Gilly's Liquid Beeswax 250ml 0149315
Gilly's Orange Oil 250ml 1854496
Gilly's Restoring Polish Clear 200ml
Gilly's Restoring Polish Dark 200ml
Gilly's Scratch Cover Dark 100ml 1851553
Gilly's Scratch Cover Light 100ml 0138899

We also have our extended range and larger sizes available on special order through Bunnings.

Click here to find your nearest store.

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