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Help - I've over-applied wax and need to remove it!

You will need to use the relevant solvent in the case of each product. Dampen a clean cloth/old t-shirt with the solvent and wipe over the waxed area. It is very important that you don't apply the solvent directly to the waxed surface. The dampened cloth will soften the wax sufficiently so that you can wipe it away with other dry rags or t-shirts. The solvents you will need are as follows:

Cream Polish, Carnauba Polish and Cabinet Maker's Wax - Gum Turpentine (Natural Turpentine)

Restoring & New Timber Polish and Floor Polish - Mineral Turpentine

Food Safe Wax - D-Limonene (Citrus solvent)


Are your products Australian made?

All of our lines are hand-made in our factory here in Malaga.


Are your products made from Australian materials?

We use Australian raw materials wherever possible in making our products. Our beeswax is very local, obtained from a supplier in Perth. Our orange oil is from Mildura Victoria. Sadly, not all of the ingredients we use are obtainable here. For example, the carnauba wax flakes have to be imported as they are obtained from a plant, which grows only in South America.


Are your products naturally derived?

Where possible, we use natural raw materials to make our products (such as beeswax, carnauba wax and orange oil along with other essential oils derived from plants). However, we do utilise some raw materials, which do not occur naturally. In these instances, we try to procure the highest quality and where possible, locally produced materials. We are constantly working towards reducing the number of man-made ingredients. Our new and improved Orange Oil and Lemon Oil; both are 100% plant derived, without any compromise on quality. Our Food Safe Wax, Liquid Beeswax, and Scratch Cover for Dark Wood and Floors do not contain any petrochemicals. None of our products contain silicon or toluene.


Can I sell your products in my shop?

Of course you can! Please see our section for retailers.


How can I purchase your products?

Our products are sold at shops throughout Australia. Please see where to buy to find a store near you.

You can also purchase all of our products in our online shop, and they will be delivered to you.


Is your packaging recyclable?

Yes, all of our packaging is recyclable.


Is your site secure?

Our site is secured by 256-bit Secure Socket Layer encryption, with a certificate provided by VeriSign. All personal, address and contact information is stored securely, and all credit card information is held only by our PCI-compliant payment gateway.


What do you do with my personal information?

We are very careful to protect your personal information. Please see our privacy policy for complete details.


Which product should I use?

Please refer to how to use our products for extensive information on product selection, tips and tricks, and general advice on our whole product range.