Our History

When my husband, Chris, and I came to Australia we brought everything with us - children, animals and our antique furniture. I never dreamt then that I would start a business as a result of having to polish the furniture.

I always had a problem finding a nice easy to use polish but finally obtained an old recipe and eventually started making it commercially in 1983. The polish was made in the kitchen between meals, etc and stored in the laundry next to the pet food!

The business grew slowly amidst trials and errors - mainly many a headache over packaging. The first jars of polish were sold in plastic honey pots obtained from where the beeswax was bought at the time, but these were far from suitable. Our children helped with deliveries and when it became too much to handle on my own, Chris also got roped in. One of our nieces then designed our "polishing bee" logo which is our registered trademark now.

New lines were developed by us over the years mainly at requests or suggestions from local antique dealers and restorers who were always very supportive. However it is still a family business with three generations involved.

Although our range is available through several hundred outlets Australia Wide we will always supply by post to people who are unable to obtain it locally. We also send polish to several overseas locations including the USA, Singapore, the UK, Eire and New Zealand. Individual orders to customers are also sent to many other locations worldwide.

We have the help of a number of distributors to service our retail outlets which has enabled our business to continue to expand, who can be found under Distributors.


Sadly, Gilly Stephenson passed away on May 1st, 2009; read her life story.  She is sadly missed, but the business is still owned and operated by her family today.