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Paint arrived swiftly. Happy with the service. Thank you.

Gun Polish
Brett Driver
Gun Polish

Very impressed worked a treat on my gun stock.

Kitchen Bench Oil
Jo-Ann Johnson
Gilly’s Kitchen Bench oil

Smooth oil with a soft fragrance - has done wonders for my island bench and outdoor wooden table, Thank you Gilly’s for making a reasonably priced wood oil. Customer service is exceptional. My wooden furniture says “Thank You” and so do I - Love it!!

Lovely product

Wow this amazing oil brings out the wood grain of my solid oak door beautifully. A pleasure to use and such a lovely citrus fragrance.

Leather Care

Perfect for my new leather lounges. Especially because I have pets and get scratches on my lounges. Love Gilly’s products 💙

Pure Tung Oil
Catherine Galea

Pure Tung Oil

Beeswax Filler Sticks to the rescue

Moved hide recently and these filler sticks covered up all the little hits that the furniture sustained in the move. Polished over with the Rose furniture polish and they’re restored to their former glory. Great quick fix for the home handyman/woman. Highly recommended

Floor Polish
Robert Boston
Good Product for Old Flooring

Very happy with the product on our hoop pine floors which were covered in lead paint from probably the last 80 years or so. Once the paint was removed the hoop pine was revealed in its glory,so there was no better option than waxing and polishing with Gilly’s clear floor polish.Loved doing the application and seeing the results .We applied Tung oil to the spotted gum flooring in the kitchen dining room and the hoop pine in the lounge ,but decided the clear wax for the rest of the rooms brought out a rich honey colouring to the pine.

Carnauba Polish
Ted S-Wynne
Waxes ain’t waxes

The Gilly’s clear Carnauba polish is easy to apply and provides a great finish to your work

Floor Polish
Colin Gloyn
Gillys floor polish

This is just the best, I use it on tool handles/plane totes,goes well over boiled linseed oil. I have not been able to find a replacement for Johnson’s Paste Wax until now. I have tried many other suggested finishes particularly carnuba wax from bigger companies and have had to use gloves because of a skin reaction,something I have never had before.
This has no negative effects at all really happy.

Liquid Beeswax
Mike Green
Great product

The end result was excellent easy to use and finished with carnauba poilsh

Give your home and your spirits a lift!

This was my first Gilly’s love. Orange oil gives a smile to all the wood in your home and its scent will make you and visitors feel good. I gave my last scrap to someone to transform an exit rental and couldn’t wait to buy a big replacement bottle.

Alfresco Timber Oil

Great prompt delivery, love the Alfresco timber oil on my Church Pues, they were so dry and now look fantastic, still have one coat to go, very impressed. thank you for a great product. Stephanie

Great finish for turned bowls

Purchased the wax to seal and shine bowls I turn from Redgum, segmented pine/jarrah bowls , and chopping boards.

Easy to apply and either hand or machine buffing give a great result.

Food Safe Wax
Phil Marinoni
very good

It is easy to use on cutting boards and leaves a nice finish

Food Safe Wax
Kim Mazzucchelli
Amazing product thank you

Incredible product

Great Product!

It is a good product to protect timber and gun metal lightly apply and then buff.
Gives a good shine to timber, and makes slippery stocks grippable.

Black Wax
Magic product

Very pleased with the product, it was super easy to work.
The finish was great and absolutely changed the look of the piece of ash that I was using, adding a great deal of character to the timber.
Finished the job with a few coats of carnauba wax and it looks and feels amazing.

Really effective solution

Really effective solution with so many purposes

Pure Tung Oil
Tracey Macnaughton
Perfect for bee hives

I’ve used this Tung oil on my bee hives when constructing them. As a natural product it doesn’t cause any problems to my bees, they move in and start making honey. Great product.

Another perfect delivery.

Leather Care
Bryan Holford
Great product

The Gilly's Leather Care product helps to keep our 22-year old leather lounge in very good condition. Highly recommended.

We have been using Gilly Stephenson's Scratch Cover for years and thoroughly recommend the product. This purchase was a Christmas gift for our son. I can't comment on that purchase as he hasn't used it yet.

It was a great order Thankyou

Great product and great service.

The only product I use to finish my woodworking projects. 50/50 Tung Oil & LoThin 👌

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