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Understanding Timber - A Brief Overview

Understanding Timber - A Brief Overview | Gillys Australia

The timber industry is a rapidly evolving one. In the last few decades, modern innovations such as automated machines and advanced technologies have made it more efficient than ever before. This article provides you with an overview of what timber is and how we can use it to produce some amazing products.

Renovate w/ Gilly's - An Interview with Henry Hangan, the master of Tiny Homes

In a world that's ever evolving and more people working from home, it's no wonder Tiny Homes are becoming massive in Australia. In today's climate, people are able to work from home or on the road. 

Hangan specialise's in custom built Tiny Homes, making every design unique and one of a kind. 

Not only are Tiny Homes efficient, eco-friendly and more financial viable - these day's , with incredible creators like Henry, it's possible to turn Tiny Home dreams, into a reality. 

We had a chat to Henry about his business Tiny Homes by Hangan. 

Follow their journey on instagram here and check out there website for more info!

The Wonders of Hemp Oil

For the purposes of this blog, we will be talking about hemp oil in the context of timber finishing. It is well known for its health benefits as a source of beneficial fats and as a skin moisturiser (you can certainly use our product in these ways as it is completely food safe) but perhaps, less well-known as a wonderful, natural, VOC-free alternative to a polyurethane finish.

Tips and Tricks for Removing Stains on Furniture

When hot cups or even cold drinks are left on furniture, they can sometimes leave an unsightly white or pale mark. This is where the moisture sneaks in under the surface finish but not into the timber. Hot or cold drinks spilling directly onto the surface also cause these white marks. There are a few ways to tackle these, which are very effective.

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