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Floor Care

Our penetrating and moisturising Floor Polish is perfect for developing a natural waxed finish on your raw or newly-stripped floorboards. Whether you have a dark or pale timber base, our beeswax-based Floor Polish is easy to apply and buffs to a moderate sheen. As with all wax finishes, you have the benefit of being able to repair and rejuvenate areas of high wear.

Maintaining your beautifully waxed floors is easy with our Floor Polish. Any worn, scratched and scuffed patches can be sealed in this way.

For laminated timber or bamboo floors that are scuffed or scratched, we recommend our Scratch Cover for Furniture and Floors. This product is ideal for disguising minor damage and feeds the bamboo or wood fibres at the same time.

How to Apply our Old Fashioned Floor Polish

Scrape out a small amount of the wax and spread it over the brushes of a floor polisher. It's always better to under-apply initially until you get a feel of how much the floor needs. If it's very dry, the polish will penetrate easily and quickly. You can apply the polish over the entire floor area of a room without worrying about the polish going off as it is quite soft. Using buffing pads or similar, go over the applied polish to buff/remove excess. The finished surface will be dry to touch. If your finger makes a print, there is still too much polish on the floor. The process is the same if you apply by hand (one brush/cloth to apply and then remove/polish with another clean cloth - old t-shirts are great for this). If you find the timber is very dry and would like to apply one or two more coats, it is best to let the first coat air overnight. Follow the same instructions as above for the second or third coats.

The question of coverage is a tricky one. Because timber varies so much in its density and moisture content, it is difficult to give an accurate measure of coverage. However, as a general rule of thumb you can expect a 200g tin to cover around 9 square metres of flooring. The product lasts for a long time as long as it is kept airtight so if you do choose to buy the larger quantities (1 or 2L tin) it will be handy for repair/reapplication in future. For a higher sheen/top coat, our Carnauba Polish is superb on floors. This needs to be applied and polished back in stages, no more than around 1 square metre as it goes off quickly.