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With polishing furniture the important point to consider is what sheen you want or suits your furniture, rather than what the timber is. As many households have a mixture of furniture with different finishes, our Maintenance Pack may be the solution for you.

For maintaining furniture in good condition with a:

-High sheen such as French polished furniture:  Cream Polish
-Satin sheen such as country style furniture:      Orange Oil / Lemon Oil

Intricately carved furniture benefits from an application of our Orange Oil applied using a soft shoe brush wrapped with a lint free cloth to buff off the excess.

If your furniture has scratches and scuff marks, you might like to try our Scratch Cover for Dark Wood or Orange or Lemon Oil for pale timbers.

However, if your furniture is just very dry, and hasn’t been polished for some time (even if it’s a high sheen), then it may benefit from a one-off application of our Restoring and New Timber Polish (for those who prefer to wax) or our Orange / Lemon Oil (for those who prefer to oil). Then, either maintain with the Cream Polish or Orange / Lemon Oil.

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