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We cover a range of needs for retailers, including the antique industry, gift shops and anyone who works with wood. We recommend the Cream Polish as our general maintenance polish and the Orange Oil, for those who prefer to oil their furniture.

We have a $100 + GST minimum total order but no restrictions on numbers of individual products. This makes it easier for smaller retailers to still carry a range within budget.

For small orders or anything needed overnight we use the Express Post Bags. For orders up to approx 10 kilos we use regular post. For larger orders we have a flat freight rate, regardless of the quantity ordered.

Our retailers may also receive promotional and display material including pamphlets and wood-framed display cards, to assist with presenting our products within your store. We also have display cases available.

If you are interested in stocking our products, please contact us with your details and requirements. If you'd like to register as a wholesale buyer online now, click here.

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