Liquid Beeswax

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Gilly's easy-to-use Liquid Beeswax nourishes your timber, protecting from dryness and enhancing its natural grain. Rich in pure beeswax, it can be used on finished or unfinished surfaces and is even suitable for use on a lathe.

 Simply apply with a soft cloth or paint brush, allow to dry for half an hour then buff using a lint-free cloth or mitt in a circular motion. Enjoy the pleasant fragrance as you polish, knowing it is food safe.

Use For

Raw timber to nourish and prevent cracking/splitting. Ideal for large, rough surface areas. Suitable for both soft and hard woods.

Surface Preparation

Ensure the  surface is clean and dry before application.

How to Apply

  1. Apply with a soft cloth (or brush for carved/irregular areas).
  2. Allow the timber to absorb the oil for 5 minutes, before buffing back with another clean cloth.
  3. Apply 3 coats, if timber is new or dry, repeating the same procedure. Subsequent coats can be applied straight after buffing. Each timber will vary in porosity and dryness, so the number of coats required will vary. Once timber is saturated, there is no need for any more. Take care not to over-apply; residue can become sticky and attract dirt.

Dry Time

Dry time between coats is 5-10 minutes to allow oil to soak in. Allow up to 30 minutes for a completely dry finish.


Gilly’s Liquid Beeswax can be reapplied as frequently as required (if the timber becomes dull or dry).  There is no need for any extra work, just follow the simple steps above.  We would recommend reapplying a light coat every 4-6 months to keep your timber looking fresh. The more oil that has been applied over time, the less it will require for maintenance.

Clean Up

Warm, soapy water for hands and application cloths.


Customer Reviews

Based on 64 reviews
Stephen Hill
Love liquid wax😂

Brilliant product

Stephen Jones
Gilly’s Liquid Bee’s Wax

This is the best and easiest to use wood protection and restoration product I have ever used!👍

Gobi One
Magnificent Stuff - Liquid Beeswax

The Liquid Beeswax is a fantastic product. It brings up the colour in the timbers I use for cutting / cheese boards (Jarrah, Huon pine, Red gum, Blackwood) superbly. Very easy to use and reapply to bring back the warmth of Australian timbers.
I’m a huge fan.

Dianne Ross
Absolute Fan

Love this liquid wax which keeps our American oak kitchen benchtop looking beautiful and alive 👏

Graeme Watson
Liquid bees wax

leaves timber with a nice natural luster and very easy to use. Company back up and help is fantastic