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Chopping Board Oil Lemon 250ml / 1L

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Rejuvenate and protect your chopping boards with our citrus-based Chopping Board Oil. Easy to use, this oil has a delightful, zesty fragrance and is both 100% natural and food safe. Prevents cracking/splitting.

Use For

Nourishing timber and bamboo chopping boards. 


Thanks to Mélanie from Live Dream Upcycle (footage) & (soundtrack) 

Surface Preparation

Ensure the chopping board is clean and dry before application.

How to Apply

  1. Simply brush or wipe on with a clean, lint-free cloth. 
  2. Wipe away any excess. 
  3. For a richer feed, apply slightly more heavily and leave overnight. Wipe away any excess.

Dry Time

10 - 30 minutes depending on ambient temperature


Re-apply as the timber becomes dry/dull

Clean Up

Warm, soapy water





Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews

I never would have thought that wood could be described as 'delicious' however, after rubbing down with Gilly's Chopping Board Oil, the wood not only smelt beautiful but the grain looked magnificent. 👌

Makes an awesome gift!

Gilly’s Orange Oil, Lemon Chopping Board Oil and Liquid Beeswax are all very effective gifts - especially when paired with a unique chopping board from Chunky Timber Co, or a regular chopping board from elsewhere. My mum loves these products!

The best, and smells divine

I use Gilly’s Lemon Chopping Board Oil on the platters I create because it’s natural, food safe and smells divine. It’s such high quality and purchasing the larger bottle direct from Gilly’s makes it more cost effective too. I’ve used competitor brands and find Gilly’s absorbs better into the wood, allowing the piece to dry faster, but also provides great protection and brings out the natural colours of the wood too. I’m gushing but love supporting businesses that do things well! A+

Lemon chopping board oil

Best I have used and the lemon smell is a bonus

Phillip Mules
Highly Recommended

Great price and does the job well! Highly recommended!