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Benefits of Oiling

Oils extracted from plants on application, complement the oils in the wood itself, adding lustre and enhancing the beauty of the grain. It is the easiest finish to apply, as like waxing, your piece is immediately ready for use.

One of the biggest benefits of using oil as a furniture treatment is that a little goes a long way — making it both beneficial for your furniture and economical.

Oil is great for intricately-carved timber, thirsty Asian hardwood furniture and for feeding unpolished surfaces, such as drawers and the undersides of tables. Buffing off with cloth wrapped over a clean, soft shoe brush helps prevent oil residue.

There is a common misconception that oiled furniture attracts dust. Sadly, this due to the historic use of linseed oil, which does tend to bleed back out of the timber, regardless of whether or not it was buffed after application.

Our Orange Oil is a great penetrating polish, which moisturises the timber without leaving any residue. The active ingredient is a natural mould inhibitor so therefore ideal for furniture in humid areas. It is easy to apply and buff off, leaving a satin sheen and a wonderful aroma in your home.

Click here for a video on how to use Orange Oil and (Food Safe Wax) Orange Cream

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