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Alfresco Timber Oil

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A tung oil based finish for outdoor timber and furniture.  It has added UV protection to battle the harsh sunlight we receive in Australia! With that said, it is best used for timber that is protected, eg. under alfresco, shade cloth and verandas.

The formula is built around natural oils such as tung oil which helps to seal timber and protects it from water damage and other wear. It is a great product to seal and finish new timber, but also to revive older timber that is looking dry and worn.

This oil contains no lacquer or silicon, unlike many products on the market, which means easier maintenance for you and a beautiful natural finish.

Use For

Alfresco timber & furniture, timber trims & frames, outdoor tables, window sills & more.

Surface Preparation

Ensure the surface is clean and dry before application. D-limonene (natural citrus solvent) or a turpentine can be used for a vigorous clean. For a lighter clean, you can use an all purpose cleaner.

If there is any oil, wax, grease, dirt or similar residue on the surface, it may affect the tung oil's ability to cure - so a thorough clean is important.

How to Apply

  1. Rub or brush oil into the timber. Lighter coats are better.
  2. On first coat, let it sit for 5 minutes after applying. Wipe on more oil to areas that become dull, as the oil soaks in.
  3. After 5 more minutes, wipe off any excess oil with another clean cloth and rub it back vigorously.
  4. Follow this procedure for each coat. Note: Some people prefer to wet sand between coats, however this is generally only for timber that is quite porous.
  5. Apply 3 coats.  Best to wait 24 hours between coats (curing time can be up to 30 days). Apply more coats if desired or necessary.
  6. Hang out any rags or soak in water, rather than leaving scrunched up, as there is the potential for combustion.

Dry Time

24 hours to dry between coats. As this is tung oil based, it can take 4 weeks to completely cure. Light usage is however perfectly fine within this time.


This product is built from natural oils, in particular tung oil. This makes for a beautiful natural finish. If you do find the finish gets scratched or damaged, you can simply reapply following the same steps outlined above. There is no need to sand it back as you would have to do with lacquers, varnishes and silicon based products.

For general maintenance and wear, you can assess as you see fit.  We would recommend reapplying a light 1-2 coats every 6-12 months to keep your timber looking fresh!

Clean Up

D-Limonene or mineral turpentine.


Customer Reviews

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Alfresco Timber Oil

Great prompt delivery, love the Alfresco timber oil on my Church Pues, they were so dry and now look fantastic, still have one coat to go, very impressed. thank you for a great product. Stephanie

Well oiled

I love Gilly’s products and the Alfresco Timber Oil is no exception. This easy to apply long lasting natural product provides long lasting timber protection.

Belinda Mahoney

Gilly’s Alfresco Timber Oil took all the hard work away. Just gave my outdoor setting a new lease to life. Already for the summer weather 👌🏻

Ian Anderson
Alfresco oil

Fantastic product!

John Ingram
Alfresco timber oil

The Timber oil and Carnaubra polish put a great finish on the outdoor setting.