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Pure Hemp Oil

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100% natural
Food safe
Zero VOC
No additives
No petro-chemicals


Pure Hemp Oil 


250ml, 1L


Pure hemp seed oil (cold pressed from cannabis sativa spp.)

Used For

Timber finishes, chalk paint seal, skin care products

Surface Preparation

Before you begin, make sure your surface is clean and dust free. If you’re applying hemp oil over a piece painted with chalk paint, ensure you give the paint about 12 hours to dry before you apply the oil.

How to Apply

To Raw Timber

Hemp oil is a deep green colour but as a natural oil, will vary somewhat between batches. When first applied, it will deepen the colour of your finish (as if it were wet) but it will slowly lighten over time as the oil soaks in and cures.

Use a lint-free rag, or a paintbrush to apply hemp oil; sponges are also effective. Use sparingly - wipe one thin coat over the surface and let it soak into the finish for 12 hours.


Apply up to three coats for areas of higher wear (for example, timber chair seats, handrails, table tops etc.) Can be buffed to impart a gentle lustre.

Dry Time

12 hours but allow up to 30 days for full curing. Gentle use is fine up until that point.


For general maintenance and wear, simply re-apply as the surface becomes faded or dry. Normally only required every 2 years.

Clean Up

Warm, soapy water or a solvent such as Gilly’s Citrus Thin.


  • Hang out rags to dry, or soak in water. Don’t leave scrunched up.
  • Contact Gilly’s for SDS


Hemp seed oil  100%


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Very versatile product

Gilly’s Hemp Oil is brilliant on the garden - it’s basically a soil improver and is nutrient dense, i’ve had far less pests since using the Hemp oil in a spray bottle (mix with a bit of Castile soap to help combine the oil with water in a spray bottle, you can also add liquid fertiliser to the mix), spray on leaves and soil. Hemp is also a natural insecticide. I use it for lots of things (which I won’t mention here) and I feed it to the dog sometimes, it keeps her coat healthy and slick.
This is my favourite product.

It's a lovely finish

Slightly darkens pine and comes up a treat with just a single coat. It makes beautiful colours when annealed with copper too. Natural, beautiful finish oil. Cheers Gilly's!