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Furniture Care with Gilly's - Liquid Beeswax

Furniture Care with Gilly's - Liquid Beeswax

Easy to use, smells wonderful and is food safe - show your timber some love with Gilly's Liquid Beeswax.

 gillys liquid beeswax furniture polish with beeswax blocks, wax and flowers


If you're looking for a great all-round nourishing oil for your cane, timber or bamboo furniture, Liquid Beeswax is the product for you. Boosted with pure Western Australian beeswax, and blended with a natural solvent made from crushed orange peels (sourced from South Australia), it smells wonderful and penetrates thirsty timber beautifully.


Great on new raw/unfinished timber (all types), our Liquid Beeswax imparts a matte sheen, enhances the grain depth and detail along with intensifying the colours in the wood. Penetrating timber oils are designed to restore and maintain the suppleness of the fibres, so that splitting and cracking is prevented.


Liquid Beeswax is also food safe, which makes it perfect for children's furniture, chopping boards, serving platters and kitchen utensils. Available in the handy 100ml bottle to keep under the kitchen sink (labelled Chopping Board Oil Citrus & Beeswax variety); use it whenever these items look a little dry or dull.


gillys chopping board oils


Perhaps you have some 80s or 90s furniture that is too good to throw away but is looking a little tired and dull. You may be surprised how much of a lift the Liquid Beeswax will give the pieces. The oil will blend and disguise scuffs and scratches in the finish to give it new life.


Gilly's Three Step Waxing Process – an alternative to Step 1. Why not use Liquid Beeswax instead of our Restoring Polish as the first, nourishing Step 1.


If you absolutely love Liquid Beeswax and use it heavily, why not save by purchasing the 1L, 2L or even 4L bottles?

One of the advantages of our Liquid Beeswax is how easy it is to apply. Either pour a small amount in a cup or tin and apply using an ordinary paint brush. This is particularly useful when applying on rough-hewn furniture.


Or, pour a small amount onto a lint-free cloth (we love our Bamboo Polishing Cloths) and wipe over the dry/dull area. If your timber is very porous (such as pine), the oil will sink right in. That's a good thing as you will be ensuring the deepest fibres are being nourished. If there is any residual oil (in the case of using over a surface that already has some sort of porous or semi-porous finish), ensure this is wiped away. The finish should feel dry and smooth when correctly applied.


Here's a video of Melanie from Live Dream Upcycle, sprucing up an old piano stool. 


Liquid Beeswax is 100% natural with as many locally sourced ingredients as possible. And of course, none of Gilly's products are ever tested on animals.


If shopping online is not your thing, check out our stockist list so you can support your local retailer. Otherwise, you can find it in Bunnings stores Australia-wide in the decking oils aisle of the paint section.

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