Renovating with Gilly's - an interview with Kimmy & Rhi from House Rules(@kimmyrhiau)

Renovating with Gilly's - an interview with Kimmy & Rhi from House Rules(@kimmyrhiau)

Welcome to Renovate with Gilly’s, a new segment where we interview fellow renovators to pick their brains and maybe learn some tricks of the trade along the way. This month we were incredibly lucky to score some time with House Rules, winners Kimmy and Rhi. 

The Tasmanian twins were crowned 2020 champions with a judges' score of 27/30. The sisters from Launceston won $100,000 and walked away with a transformed home (Kimmy's) plus $30,000 cash secured during the series, after topping the leaderboard three times. What an incredible achievement for them both!!

Check out the interview below! 



How did you get into DIY and styling? 

Kimmy and I  have always been avid DIY-ers and up-cyclers, we love converting a wicked OPP shop into something beautiful! We just like doing things ourselves, it makes you feel super good about the project! 


What do you love about DIY?

The accomplishment you feel when you do something yourself, even if it was hard and you swore and carried on you still did it yourself and you can be proud of that! 


What do you recommend for future renovators?

Always have a plan, don't just start and hope for the best haha a plan is vital! 


What tips do you have for people wanting to buy a house and take that first step?

Luckily because we live in Tasmania the dream of owning a home is more of a reality but my best advice is to make sure you are 100% on top of your budget because owning a home can throw money curveballs at you at any time!


5 best tips and tricks for DIY Renovating? 

1) make a list of everything you need so you're not doing a million little trips to Bunnings haha 

2) take the time when you're painting, it's the job everyone hates but it's worth it in the end to slow it down and do it right 

3) shop around for big items you need because it's always good to be savvy and save money where you can! 

4) always pay the professionals to do the things you aren't confident in haha 

And lastly always trust your gut! As we always say 'you do you boo' and if people don't like your style...that's fine, it's not their home haha


Where to next - what's next in the renovations life?

Next in the Reno world at my place we have the main bathroom to do! I'm super nervous and excited, it's the only room we are completely gutting and re-doing so I can't wait to see it come to life! 


What was the process for House Rules? 

You apply Online, make a little video and then BAM there you are haha it's that easy (if you get accepted that is)


Tell us a little bit about that experience? 

Absolutely hands down the most fun but also the hardest thing we've ever done! The time frames, the pressure to perform well every week but also these people become your life and best friends and you just want to give them the world every renovation! 

Can 💯 recommend the adventure to anyone, but you've also gotta have a tough skin because people will not like and make sure you know it haha


What's it like working as a sister duo?

Absolutely the best! I wouldn't have done it with anyone else, mainly because they would be dead I reckon haha we've always been in each other's pockets, so for us to spend that kind of time together is no big deal! We fight and we're over it in 5 minutes because that's just twin life 🤷‍♀️


How did you find using Gilly's Products? 

The Gilly's products are so easy to use and give wicked results. I was actually surprised with how easy it was and how well it worked!!


What was your favourite product?

The food safe wax is definitely my favourite, makes the bench-top look great and the chopping board oil - omg - in love! We love a good cheese n biccies night so now all my boards look 10 outta 10


Why do you love Gilly's? 

Easy to use, great products and a great price point and the fact that it's food safe and good to use on my bench-top! I love that!



Follow their journey here: KIMMY AND RHI


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