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LoThin - Thinner & Cleaner

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Gilly's LoThin
Highly refined, dearomatised mineral solvent with eucalyptus oils.

A safer thinner, for the application of oils and waxes, as well as cleanup & surface prep.


  • Thinner - tung oil, linseed oil, waxes, polishes & more
  • Surface prep - helps to remove oil, grease, wax, polishes, dirt, soils & more from both timber and metal
  • General degreaser & cleaner
  • General solvent
  • Brush & tool cleaner
  • Parts & equipment cleaner
  • Stainless steel cleaner

Safer to Use
Highly refined, dearomatised mineral solvent with eucalyptus oils. Offers lower flammability than traditional solvents, enabling a safer working environment.

Wax & Oil Thinner
Perfect for thinning most oil based coatings and wax finishes, including Gilly's Pure Tung Oil.

Cleaner & Degreaser
Effective cleaning and degreasing power for preparation of surfaces and cleanup of brushes and tools.

NOTE: LoThin has been developed for use with Gilly's range of products. Only thin oil/solvent based coatings. Check with manufacturer on compatibility before using. The higher flash point (& low flammability), provides slightly slower evaporation than typical solvents. 

Surface Prep: Use LoThin to clean oil, grease, wax and soil from surface. Allow solution to sit for 5-10 minutes for tough spots, before cleaning off. You can use a cleaning pad, steel wool or other means to aid - just ensure it's suitable to the surface and won't cause damage. Repeat process if required. 

Pure Tung Oil: Start with a ratio of 50/50 when thinning Gilly's Pure Tung Oil, linseed oil or other similar product. This can be adjusted as needed.

Waxes & Polishes: LoThin can be used with Gilly's range of waxes and polishes, to soften them up and make application easier. This can be particularly useful if you have an old tin of polish. We have had customers with tins dating back 20+ years, where the wax has become very hard, but they have been able to make use of it still, by mixing in the right thinner.

Ready-To-Use Finishes: Most finishes are sold 'ready to use' and generally aren't designed to be thinned down. Normally, you might only need up to 5-10% LoThin if required with these products, depending on the situation.

Brushes & Tools: Wipe tools and soak brushes in LoThin to clean. For tools and equipment, you can follow the surface prep advice above.

Safety: Wear protective gear including gloves and mask. Use in ventilated area. Keep out of reach of children.

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Really effective solution with so many purposes

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