Cabinet Makers Wax

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A firm building wax, designed to develop a protective layer on timber. Excellent for filling imperfections such as hairline cracks or tiny holes. Cabinet Maker's Wax is marvellous on oak, jarrah and other woods that have no specific finish. Used over the Restoring Polish, Cabinet Maker's Wax produces a natural finish. Traditionally applied with OOOO steel wool to drive the firm wax into any gaps. Step 2 in our 3 Step Waxing Process.

Use For


Surface Preparation

Prepare the raw timber using either our Orange Oil, Liquid Beeswax or Restoring and New Timber Polish.

How to Apply

  1. Dip 0000 steel wool into tin and remove a small amount of wax. Rub into the timber with pressure in line with the grain. 
  2. Buff back with a soft, lint-free cloth or buffing pads. Can be applied without the steel wool.
  3.  Use up to three coats, buffing well between coats. Allow up to four hours between coats.

Dry Time

Overnight for best results


Depending on wear (as the surface becomes dull or dry). These natural wax finishes do breathe, so we recommend use of coasters and mats where applicable.

Clean Up

Warm, soapy water for hands or cloth. Excess wax on timber; dampen a cloth with d-Limonene or mineral turpentine.


Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Rita Baldwin
Thank You

Thank you
Another very happy customer

Peter Braden
American Walnu

Used the black cabinet makers wax over a pre oiling of orange oil. The finish is first class. Best finish yet! I have moved on from Danish oil, French polishing and other brands of oil waxes.

Brilliant Stuff

This wax is amazing. It's without a doubt my new favourite wax and I don't see myself trying anything else. It applies great and I just love this finish for the way it compliments the wood and doesn't turn it into something that looks plastic.

I have psoriasis which limits the what I can have come in contact with my skin otherwise it will trigger a reaction. I can honestly say this wax has not triggered anything. Chemixal solvents will trigger a reaction pretty much within an hour of me getting in contact with it and causes itchiness and redness and by the next day I'll have a full blown rash. I've had this cabinet wax for a month and used it a lot! I've been on long service leave and have spent most of that time building furniture and my skin is clear and reaction free thanks to this great product.

Howard Herbert

Easy to use, nice finish especially when used with restoring compound. Suits my requirements well. Not looking for anything else to replace it.

James F
Great finish

provides a great finish and a nice scent (like horse)