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Which Product Do I Need? An Overview of Gilly's Range

Which Product Do I Need? An Overview of Gilly's Range

Gilly's large range of products can be a little overwhelming and confusing for the first time buyer. We have products tailored for specific uses and some that are more versatile. Understanding how we categorize will help you to choose which product (and why) you need for your project.

Gilly’s large range of products can be quite confusing for the first-time buyer. We have grouped the products according to their main application, although as you will see, there are areas of crossover. We use two categories to group our timber finishes; treatment or protection.


This group of products addresses raw or unfinished timber, in need of an initial moisturise. Our oils are part of this category, because they are quickly absorbed by the dry fibres of the timber. Very easy to apply with a cloth or brush, the oils will provide deep nourishment, which will also prepare the surface for waxing, should you decide to take this path. The treatments are a soft, satin or matte finish, depending on the product.


This group of products is generally used over sanded and prepared timber (already treated with an oil or a very soft, penetrating wax). The proportion of waxes in the polishes will provide both physical protection and a beautiful sheen. When the timber is properly finished, the waxes do also offer a degree of protection against moisture.

Softer waxes can also be used as a treatment; we’ll address that with individual products.

Alfresco Timber Oil - Treatment and Protection

A tung oil based finish for outdoor timber and furniture.  It has added UV protection against Australia’s harsh sunlight. Because it contains tung oil (a natural oil that cures to create a water repellent layer), the Alfresco Timber Oil could also be used as a protective coating. This blend can be brushed on easily and will darken the timber only slightly, whilst enhancing the detail of the grain. It requires a period of up to 30 days to be completely water-repellent but it will be dry to the touch after 48 hours.

Kitchen Bench Oil - Treatment and Protection - Food Safe when dry

A tung oil based finish designed for timber bench tops, tables and other surfaces in need of a hard wearing natural finish. Kitchen Bench Oil contains natural oils such as tung oil which helps to seal timber and protect it from general wear. Importantly, it will also repel water. This makes it a great product for kitchen benches, laundry benches and bathroom benches that feature timber tops that may get exposed to water. Like the Alfresco Timber Oil, it requires a period of up to 30 days to be completely water-repellent but it will be dry to the touch after 48 hours and fine for light use.

Orange or Lemon Oil - Treatment - Food Safe

An all-purpose timber and cane furniture maintenance oil. Our Orange Oil is 100% plant based and food safe, contains no silicone and smells wonderful. It is one of our most popular products, and a great choice for maintaining furniture in a safe, natural way. Designed for indoor use only.

Liquid Beeswax - Treatment - Food Safe

Gilly's easy-to-use Liquid Beeswax nourishes your timber, protecting from dryness and enhancing its natural grain. Rich in pure beeswax, it can be used on finished or unfinished surfaces and is even suitable for use on a lathe. The beeswax gives an extra richness to the feed but there is not enough for it to be classed as a protective product. Fabulous on rough timber that is very dry and desperate for an extra feed because it can still be brushed on. 

Pure Tung Oil - Treatment and Protection - Food Safe

A multi-purpose moisturising and sealing oil, with curing properties to create a water-repellent barrier. Can be applied in pure form but is quite viscous and thinning with Gilly’s CitrusThin makes the job easier.

Cabinet Makers Wax - Protection

This firm wax is what we class as a building wax, used over treated timber, designed to fill any cracks, crevices and imperfections in the timber. It buffs to a superb, high sheen and provides excellent mechanical protection with its wax-rich formula.

Carnauba Polish - Treatment and Protection

An emulsified polish, this creamy, soft formulation can be easily absorbed by dry timber, so can serve as a treatment. However, because it dries very hard, we recommend it as a ‘top coat’ on a waxed finish. It is also superb on non-porous surfaces. One of our most popular and versatile waxes.

Cream Polish - Treatment and Protection

Like the Carnauba Polish, our Cream Polishes are also emulsified and are very easy to use. The Creams were designed for maintenance of antique furniture with particular attention to enhancing and protecting French polished pieces. It is also an excellent maintenance polish for timber furniture generally. It will feed and buff to a lovely sheen. Cream Polish is ideal for traditional leather upholstery.

Leather Care - Treatment - Food Safe

A very soft and rich balm for reviving tired, dry leather. Nourishes and provides a degree of water repellency.


Food Safe Wax - Treatment and Protection - Food Safe

Emulsified like the Cream and Carnauba Polishes, our Food Safe Wax is rich in waxes and dries hard. It is soft and easy to apply but will buff to a pleasing sheen, which also offers mechanical protection.

Restoring Polish - Treatment

Can be used in place of an oil as the first coat on a newly-stripped/raw timber surface. Designed to penetrate and feed the fibres, this very rich wax (in its Clear variant) barely colours the timber; an advantage over the oils, which darken the timber as if it were wet.

Floor Polish - Treatment

An old fashioned penetrating beeswax-based polish, designed to feed and enhance your timber floorboards. Can be used over oiled or waxed timber but not over a lacquered finish.

Gilly's Product Range at a Glance



Food Safe


Protection from scuffs & scratches

High Sheen

Satin Sheen 

Matte Sheen

Protection - Water Repellent

Alfresco Timber Oil

Kitchen Bench Oil

Orange Oil

Lemon Oil

Pure Tung Oil

Scratch Cover for Furniture & Floors

Cabinet Makers Wax

Carnauba Polish

Cream Polish

Leather Care

Food Safe Wax

Restoring Polish

Floor Polish



  • Posted by Gilly's Customer Service on

    Hi Robin, great to hear you are happy with our products. The best one for Linoleum/vinyl tiles is our Carnauba Polish. It is a finishing polish designed to impart a high sheen and is particularly good on non-porous surfaces.

  • Posted by Sara from Gilly's Customer Service on

    Hi Desley, probably the best all-rounder for this job to be on the safe side would be our Pure Tung Oil. It can be used without diluting but because it is quite viscous, adding a solvent can be helpful for application. It is worth noting that this product is pure with no added synthetic driers, so, it will require up to 30 days to reach its full water repellency. More information is available if you scroll down to the bottom of the product page in the online store, where you can find a downloadable Product Data Sheet.

  • Posted by Robin Jacobs on

    Can your polishes, I have the liquid at the moment very happy with the results, be used on Vinyl Tile floors.
    Thank you.

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