Renovate w/ Gilly's - An Interview with Daniel and Jade from The Block

Renovate w/ Gilly's - An Interview with Daniel and Jade from The Block

We've been so excited to share this interview with you, and are so happy to have had the chance to chat to Daniel and Jade from The Block. These hard-working farmers from 250 kilometres north of Adelaide made four attempts to get on The Block and when they did, they conquered. What an incredible journey they had and what incredible, humble people! 

Check out the interview below!

Tell us a little bit about yourselves?

We truly are such simple people, best friends who have shared 17 years together.  We are rich in adventure, not in our pockets, we don’t care too much for fancy, but do appreciate the finer things if given the opportunity.  We are dedicated to our family farm which is our business and lively hood.  Our children are everything, they are our greatest achievement as a couple. The past 10 years raising them has been such a rollercoaster, who knew it would be this hard.  Islas disability has been such a learning curve for us all but it doesn’t define who we are.    

We love to travel; camping, bonfires, no shoes, creek swimming and meeting new people.  We love keeping it real as much as we possibly can, life is too short for regrets    

What do you love about renovating and DIY?

We love the demo of a renovation.  It’s so much fun.  Clearing out all the rubbish so that you have a blank canvas to start new.  Then the finished project.  It is such an accomplishment to see what you have achieved

What inspires you when creating? 

Our inspiration comes from the heart.  It doesn’t matter what you put into a space, you have to love it, your clients have to love it and feel warm.  Instagram, Pinterest, magazines, hotels and the environment around us are all amazing inspiration sources.

Tell us a story about your favourite DIY project or renovation?

Our favourite renovation project other than The Block hands down would be our boy’s bedroom.  We lifted the ceiling and added stairs to create a loft, which is quite large.  The staircase balustrade is glass which lets in natural light from the large rectangular window.  New paint, carpet, wallpaper and lego for days.  The space is being so well used it makes us smile every day!

 Jade and Daniel from The Block

What do you recommend for people wanting to get into renovating as a couple? 

Be patient and kind to one another and trust each other.  You can’t take control of everything or you won’t achieve anything.  Make sure one another knows their job in the relationship, what tasks belong to who.  Make lists and timelines.  Do your research, know your products.

What are the challenges being in this as a couple?

It is such a physical and mental challenge being a contestant on The Block and we feel as a husband and wife team it would either bring the best out of you or the worst.  Communication was key, we always kept talking and checking in with one another to make sure each of us were ok.  The hardest of all was leaving behind our 3 children, they grow so quickly in so many ways when they are little and we can never get back those months without them.  The challenge is pushing all those feelings deep down and staying focused on the end game.

What was the process for The Block?

In regards to the build process on The Block it was simple but constant and very hard in only a week.  The process has to be seamless for this to be achievable.  Plan, demo, shopping, framework, gyprock, Paint, Style, reveal.  This is pretty much the week in a nutshell.  We can’t give away all the secrets???

Would you do it again?

NO! (Laughing as we write this)

It’s not a harsh no, as it once was initially when asked the question.  Nonetheless we believe we are the luckiest people to have been selected and then to win what we won, we want others to be able to have the opportunity to.  We must admit it would be nice to experience it again without being so wrapped up in the COVID-19 bubble.

5 best tips and tricks for styling a home? 

* Know your style

* Create mood boards 

* Use one colour and break up with a pattern or texture for interest

* Use lighting to create different moods within your home

* Layer it 


Jade and Daniel from The Block

Where to next for you two?


Well, it’s one of those questions we often get asked and I believe we have the answer.  We are such simple people and we actually really love our life here in rural South Australia.  There are no plans to move anytime soon, however we will be doing some long awaited renovations at our house in the very near future.  A new kitchen, bathroom, toilet and laundry are on the to do list.  

Daniel has hung up the tool belt and is no longer building, however if friends or family ask he might still do the occasional job.  

Our company of 10+ years is being dissolved and Daniel is now working full time on the family farm which has been a dream for a long time.  

Jade is quite content being Mum.  There is nothing better than having my children back in my arms after what felt like an eternity of being away from them in 2020.  I am currently not working as a hairdresser in town, which has allowed me to be there for Lincoln, Hayden and Isla.  

What's been your greatest lesson on this journey so far?

The Block was a very personal journey for us.  We wanted to prove that you can do anything.  We wanted to know that we could endure intense pressure cooker situations and still remain solid as a unit.  The reason for this was so that as husband and wife we could continue the challenge of gambling yearly as Farmers, raising not only our 2 boys but also our disabled daughter.  If we could do The Block we could do anything.  We did The Block, so I guess now we can achieve anything.  The greatest lesson is believing in yourself and trusting yourself and each other. 


Follow their journey at @danielandjade

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