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Stockist Spotlight - Chunky Timber Co

Stockist Spotlight - Chunky Timber Co

Chunky Timber Co: a unique workshop/studio specialising in reclaimed timber pieces from craftsman Kim Gent.

The Chunky Timber Co. run by Kim Gent (AKA Chunky) is an amazing and unique workshop/showroom specialising in reclaimed timber, in Kalgoorlie-Boulder, Western Australia.

 Chunky Timber Studio


Born in Tasmania, Kim struggled at school with undiagnosed dyslexia, making it a miserable experience for him. Leaving school at the age of 15, he spent many years working initially as a labourer, setting up amusement park rides, then later as a truck driver, which eventually brought him to Kalgoorlie-Boulder. A town with no traffic lights and on the edge of the bush; Kim was captivated and decided to settle there. Always passionate about working with timber, Kim had carried his tools with him wherever he lived and so, was ready to begin a new venture.

The dream of having a timber workshop became a reality. Launched 20 years ago, selling handcrafted wooden beads and other small items, the business blossomed into what it is today after commissions for Kim's beautiful creations continued to come in.


Chopping Board from Chunky Timber Co.Nullarbor Bead Buttons from Chunky Timber Co.Cheese Paddles from Chunky Timber Co.
Images courtesy of Chunky Timber Co.


The gallery is an amazing treasure trove of repurposed wine barrel furniture, live edge tables and other unusual creations. Kim even makes customised signs and trophies with the help of a pyrographic artist. Customers can select their own slab of timber to use for a creation. Visiting in person gives people a chance to meet the four workshop dogs: Mila, Wood Dog, Gem and Dizzy. Kim also runs workshops for all ages; a big passion for him.



Also known in the town for his generosity and kindness, working with Mates 4 Mates (depression awareness and suicide prevention), Kim has been able to assist many people with turning their lives around. Passionate about giving back to his community, Kim has had his share of difficult times and is keen to help others whenever he can. Along with his workshop tuition, Kim also visits schools teaches children with special needs.

Kim is one of our most enthusiastic fans. He stocks and uses our Orange Oil and Food Safe Wax. The amazing range of chopping boards, serving boards, knives and heat mats are available for sale on their website: along with many other creative products born in Kim's busy workshop. Waste is minimised, with all little chunks of leftover timber being lovingly crafted into the famous Nullarbor Beads. We love his Facebook page, where he regularly posts videos of him hard at work.

Here's one of Kim using our Orange Oil on one of his beautiful live edge timber tables:


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