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Renovate with Gilly's - An Interview with Jimmy and Tam from The Block

Renovate with Gilly's - An Interview with Jimmy and Tam from The Block


Tell us a little bit about yourselves?

We are team QLD from The Block 2020 and were lucky enough to come away with the win. Jimmy is a plumber and we are currently in the middle of starting up our own plumping business on the Sunshine Coast. Tam has also started a styling business (Captain & Queen) and has a few awesome projects on the go.  We have another tv show which has just gone to air Renovate or Rebuild which we are super excited about. Frankie our 5 year old daughter is our world and we love to spend our spare time caravanning. 

Tell us a bit about the process for The Block, Was it something that you always wanted to try? 

We tried out for the block in 2019 and made it to the top 20 but didn’t make it on. We gave it a crack for 2020 and made it on which we were over the moon about! We have been massive Block heads for along time so this was a big accomplishment for us. 

What do you love about renovating and DIY?

Renovating and DIY is amazing because it brings something completely back to life. We love seeing the transformation, you can put your own touch on a project and feel so much accomplishment when you see the finished product. 

What inspires you when creating? 

The latest trends, warm homely feels and paying homage to the original architecture of a space. 

Tell us a story about your favourite experience from being on the show? 

Winning the first challenge, it meant  we were supposed it be there. We had so much self doubt as we had never renovated before and didn’t know if we had what it took. That first challenge was also the hardest. 

What do you recommend for people wanting to get into business as a couples? 

Trust each other and know your strengths. If you both know each others roles and excel at those roles it will make for a better business relationship. Also don’t take business home, you need to separate family time and business time. 

What are the challenges post The Block and continuing on this rollercoaster?

Social media. It’s a crazy beast! Being in the public eye has its challenges. 

5 best tips and tricks for starting a project? 

1.The 6 P’s Prior planning prevents piss poor performance.

2.Do your research on products, there are new products being introduced all the time. 

3.Build a good trade team that you can trust 

4.Know your budget and keep track with a budget app if you can. 

5.Take time out, don’t get sucked into thinking it need to be done in Block time. 

Where to next for you two?

Our main priority at the moment is our own home and getting everything ready for our big renovation. Our plumbing business is also front of mind and ready to launch very soon. You will also see us popping up on a few different tv shows like Renovate or rebuild which is an amazing design show focusing on sustainability in Australian homes. We are keeping super busy! 

What's been your greatest lesson on this journey so far?

You are capable of achieving anything you put your mind too. 


What do you look for in a good product for your furniture?

Something that is durable and has a great finish. 

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