Pure Tung Oil

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Use for

◦ Timber sealer
◦ Decking oils
◦ Concrete sealer
◦ Furniture & floor oils
◦ Chopping blocks & kitchen utensils
◦ Woodwork finishes

100% natural
Food safe
Zero VOC
No additives
No petro-chemicals

Read more about tung oil here

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Excellent product

Pure Tung Oil is a beautiful product, with many uses. I have used it, with great results, on stained interior woodwork, and also to seal my concrete birdbath! Highly recommended, great service from Gilley's Australia too.

Joanna De Silva
Tung oil

I’ve used this oil to treat my front door, which is made of hardwood, all my utensils, timber bowls plus other things made of raw wood. My front door was treated with Gilly’s liquid beeswax and the oil did not soak in properly or at all. My mistake as I did not prepare the door as instructed. My assumption was that having treated the door with beeswax some weeks prior to using Tung oil, the beeswax would have somewhat wear off. Well, it didn’t. It shows you the long lasting quality of beeswax. The oil itself is thick, spreads easily and if the wood has not been treated previously, the oil will soak in in a matter of seconds. Looks and feels like a quality product. Most probably will last a long time.