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Creative Projects with Gilly's - Myrtle Stone

Creative Projects with Gilly's - Myrtle Stone

In this interview, we ask Alicia of Myrtle Stone about her creative journey into acrylic polymer to create beautiful, unique décor pieces.

Please tell us a little about you and your business, (inspirations, ethos – whatever you would like to share). We’d love to hear about how long you’ve been involved with what you’re doing, what inspired you to take this career path and when.

I started Myrtle Stone January 2021. It all began when I renovated my ensuite bathroom. I had unique terrazzo tiles with my favourite colours of terracotta, golds and grey. I struggled to find bathroom décor to suit my bathroom. I didn’t want anything plain or generic or common looking, so I did a bit of research, and created some décor pieces that matched my bathroom perfectly. I loved making the décor, I love creating something new, so I decided to turn it into a business and start creating unique and custom designs to add to your home, or office. 

How long have you been using Gilly’s products and how did you first come across them?

I needed to find a product that produced a delicate but subtle shine, that would protect my pieces, so my customers could use their new home décor pieces (coasters, trays, candle trays), and not have to worry about stains or marks. I tried a few products, which always left smear marks. And I wasn’t happy with the end product. I found Gilly’s Cream Polish in Bunnings one day and tried it out and fell in love. I love that it’s natural, easy to use. And protects my products. I’ve been using it for over 12 months now on every product I make and sell, and I love it.

Is there any particular product you prefer to work with and if so, could you explain why?

I use Gilly's Cream Polish. The finish has a beautiful matt finish. And the feel of it gives it a lovely soft, smooth finish. It protects my products with spilled water, or dust build up. It’s allowed my customers to easily clean up any spills with ease. Plus, it’s easy to apply. 

Could you tell us about what you are working on right now and give us a step by step guide on how you are making it. How you are using the particular Gilly’s product(s) that you have chosen for the project? Please feel free to include other manufacturer’s products that you use in the process. We love to hear about different techniques.

The most popular order I’m making at the moment are terrazzo coasters in terracotta. I’ve had over 30 orders for coasters in the month of May so far.

Below is a video featuring a trinket dish that follows the same basic process as the terrazzo coasters: 

I use Acrylic One by Active Composites. It’s a 2 component material consisting of mineral powder and water based acrylic resin. It’s non toxic and more eco friendly than normal resin. 

Myrtle Stone Raw Materials

Step 1: I mix the 2 components together (and add the terrazzo chips and/or colour, depending on the project).

Myrtle Stone - mixing powders and colour

Step 2: Once mixed correctly, I pour the mixture into the mould and allow to set.

 Myrtle Stone - pouring into mould

Step 3: Demoulding

Myrtle Stone - demoulding

Step 4: Once set, I sand back the surface (to bring out the terrazzo chip colours). I then polish to smooth the coasters. After this I apply Cream Polish and polish them. I add cork backing and then they are ready to post. The whole process takes 2 days.

 Myrtle Stone - Polished with Gilly's Lavender Cream

Find out more about Myrtle Stone on Instagram or shop online at the Myrtle Stone Website.

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