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  • Renovating with Gilly's - an interview with Kimmy & Rhi from House Rules(@kimmyrhiau)

    Welcome to Renovate with Gilly’s, a new segment where we interview fellow renovators to pick their brains and maybe learn some tricks of the trade along the way. This month we were incredibly lucky to score some time with House Rules, winners Kimmy and Rhi. 

    The Tasmanian twins were crowned 2020 champions with a judges' score of 27/30. The sisters from Launceston won $100,000 and walked away with a transformed home (Kimmy's) plus $30,000 cash secured during the series, after topping the leaderboard three times. What an incredible achievement for them both!!

    Check out the interview below!

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  • How To Soften Up Hardened Furniture Wax

    It is common after an extended period of time, for waxes to harden up - making it difficult to apply. This is easily fixable and we provide some simple steps to fix! View Post